About Us

ESEH INVESTMENTS LTD, Is an innovative and limited liability Explosive Company Incorporated by Tanzanian law since May 2, 2014. The company is dedicated to serve large, medium and small scale mining companies located at various areas throughout Tanzania and nearby countries with the state of the art of Explosive products and different Explosive Accessories.
Apart from supplying explosives and chemicals, through the expanded and experienced technical team, ESEH softens mining industry by offering drilling and blasting services, technical consultancy, magazines construction and transportation of explosives and chemicals for needy mining companies.
Along the bolded growth of more than 7 years of experience, ESEH has expanded its service by constructing Explosive Magazines at Mirerani (Manyara), Buhalahala and Nyarugusu (Geita), Chigongwe (Dodoma), Lugoba (Pwani) and Chunya (Mbeya).
The company innovatively strives to supply high quality explosive products and chemicals that meet customers’ expectations at the most competitive price. We aim at delivering quality products to meet our customer satisfaction.


Our company stands to ensure reliable supply of high quality, trustworthy and affordable explosives and chemical products that meet client’s expectations at most competitive price.


Our vision is to become a prominent national and international supplier of explosives and chemicals in the mining and construction industry through reliable logistics services.


ESEH INVESTMENTS LTD, was established on 2014 as the company which dealt with supplying mining equipment and personal protective equipment (PPEs). Afterwards the company extended its services towards importation and distribution of explosives and chemical products, this happened on 2017 with legal documents from Mining Commission and Government Chemist Laboratory Authority.

Why Choose Us?

Value For Money

We offer products that real substantiate value for money for clients.

Time Constraints

We offer products exactly according to client’s specifications at most convenient need and time.

Credit Facilities

We extend credit facilities only on contracted potential customers that ensures there is no stoppage of clients operations even at the time there is cash shortage..


We offer discounts for bulky purchase and prompt settlement/payments of client’s account.

Timely Delivery

We deliver your products on required destination on a planned and predetermined time with the same quoted price.

Professional services

We offer drilling and blasting service in clients’ need or technical consultancy on the use of our products.